Hope! We still have time
Hope! is created to answer the most important question of our time: What do we need to change to avert the climate crisis? An entertaining, visually stunning and scientifically rigorous docuseries that will engage and inspire people all over the world. The series will provide solutions to the climate crisis that are already being successfully implemented all over the world. We will show how we can return to 350 ppm of CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the limit considered safe by science. What kind of solutions will enable us a fair transition to a more sustainable way of living? On what scale and how long will it take? What will they cost? Will our lives change that much?


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Documentary series ·6×50’

360º CONTENT (adaptable to multiple formats)

How is it explained?

6 episodes to approach the best solutions to transform every aspect of our economy and our lives. Every solution will be analysed a simulator that will help us understand the real impact and the changes that we have to make.

A Scientific Advisory Board will check the validity of the solutions and provide the data to model the real impact on a global scale. After a first episode on the global situation, each chapter will address current practices in different sectors and explore the zero-emission alternatives available to replace them: Global crisis, electricity, food, regeneration and restoration of nature, industry, economic and consumption model, waste, transport and urban planning, housing and oceans; within the general framework of the fight against inequality and poverty.

Hope! is a feeling of trust. We will show the solutions with a positive and optimistic message; we’re in time if we make changes at 3 different levels: political, corporate and citizenship. We will travel the world to show that the solutions already exist, it is only a question of willpower to make them work.

Who tells the story?

Narrated and hosted by Javier Peña, influencer and environmental communicator. Creator of the channel Hope! En pie por el planeta.

A young father who, in 2018 faced the famous UN report (“12 Years Left to Save the Planet”), decides to give up his professional career and start educational videos on the subject and thus leave a better future for his son Gael and future generations.

Javier, Greta Thunberg and many others, are the voice that alerts us to climate emergency and how to avoid it.

Javier will be joined by international personalities who will enhance the debate.


We want to send a message of urgent mobilization: we need to act now. The tone of the series will be hopeful, showing sustainable solutions for society.

Hope! is for everyone, not only for convinced environmentalists. It aims especially at young audiences who are well aware of the climate change and need to have confidente in the future.

Complex processes will be explained in a clear and compelling way, mixing fiction and documentary, in the style of ‘Cosmos’ and ‘One Strange Rock’.

We seek to make a difference in the public conversation on climate change.




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Hope! We still have time
Hope! We still have time
Hope! We still have time
Hope! We still have time

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