Hope! we are in time

Interview with Javier Peña on “Para todos La 2” (RTVE).

Hope La Serie - Para Todos La 2

The weekly magazine “Para todos La 2″ on Spanish public television, presented by Montse Elías, focuses on social issues and citizen participation. Javier Peña was a guest on the 7 May programme dedicated to “scientific dissemination and raising awareness of the effects of climate change” through “the use of social networks and transmission via new […]

Hope! We are on time – Project status report

Hope! We still have time

The team of Hope the series, headed by Javier Peña (HOPE) and Mariano Baratech (Producer, El Gatoverde Producciones), would like to thank you once again for your commitment and your contribution to this project that we are so excited about, and we feel it is very necessary in these times of climate emergency. The docuseries, […]