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Exciting news! ‘Hope! We still have time’

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Exciting news! Next Filming to Start   Hopers! We hope you are well. We have exciting news to share with you all. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support and trust. We are delighted to announce that we have secured almost all the funding needed to make the documentary series ‘Hope! We […]

Javier Peña will be at the 8th edition of Another Way Film Fest

El Gatoverde Producciones Hopelaserie

Javier Peña will be at the Another Way Film Festival, whose ” highly competitive programme includes themes such as climate change and its consequences, deforestation, the effects of mass tourism and the loss of biodiversity“. The creator of “Hope” and “Hope! we still have time” will be part of the jury of the Official Selection, […]

A clean and healthy environment is already a universal human right from 2022 onwards

El Gatoverde Producciones Hopelaserie

The scientist and president of the “Hope Climate Action Foundation“, Fernando Valladares, published a very important thread on his Twitter account: The news article Valladares pointed out that “although the decision had eight abstentions”, none of the states opposed the UNO’s “historic” declaration. The head of the body “says it is a sign of how […]

May 2022: News from ‘Hope! We still have time’.

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Hopers, here we are again, because we want to be transparent and we will do our best to keep you up to date with the important steps that are being taken with Hope! We still have time and that you have helped to get started. This commitment is with all of you and, of course, […]

EFE GREEN: “Edible” forests to curb climate change by producing food

NotaEFEVERDE - Hope la serie

EFEverde published on 9 May that the Hope Acción Climática and Life Terra foundations launched the first “edible forest” in Soto del Real (Madrid), a project which, as well as helping to “improve air quality and curb climate change, will provide food for local residents and serve as a classroom for nature“.   The Soto de […]

Javier Peña, one of the 100 Most Committed Latinos to Climate Action

HopeLaSerie Javier Peña 100 latinos influyentes

During the Crowdfunding campaign, the NGO Sachamama compiled the 2021 list of “The 100 Most Influential and Committed Latinos for Climate Action”. Among the personalities, actors, actresses, politicians, influencers, activists and journalists, is the founder of Hope! En pie por el planeta, Javier Peña. The populariser, together with El Gatoverde Producciones, is working on the […]


El Gatoverde Producciones Hopelaserie

MUMUAR información “Hope! estamos a tiempo” es una docuserie que hace un recorrido por las soluciones urgentes para superar con éxito la crisis climática, organizadas por temas y con un objetivo claro: volver a las 350 ppm de nivel de CO2 en la atmósfera el límite considerado seguro por la ciencia. Este proyecto es ideado […]