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Hope La Serie - Para Todos La 2

Interview with Javier Peña on “Para todos La 2” (RTVE).

The weekly magazine “Para todos La 2″ on Spanish public television, presented by Montse Elías, focuses on social issues and citizen participation. Javier Peña was a guest on the 7 May programme dedicated toscientific dissemination and raising awareness of the effects of climate changethroughthe use of social networks and transmission via new technologies“. Undoubtedly, Javier, as one of the most influential communicators in the Spanish-speaking world, had a lot to say. Elías comments on Peña’s presence in the networks, the campaigns carried out with Hope! videos and his commitment to caring for the planet 

The programme highlights the work of technology and social networks to spread the impact of the climate crisis, emphasising thatscience communicator Javier Peña knows this, and through his platform Hope! his short videos already have more than 400 million views“. The Hope! influencer also talks about the work he is doing with the docuseries HOPE! We still have time. Montse Elías does not miss the opportunity to recall how Javier Peña has been compared to the great populariser Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, who was a leading defender of nature and producer of documentaries for radio and television, including the successful and influential series El hombre y la Tierra (1974-1980).   

The programme also talked about the reforestation project Fantástico Bosque in Valdavido, León, solidarity theatre against gender violence, rubbish in India and the relationship between philosophy and history. You can watch the full programme on RTVE PLAY.