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Javier Peña - Hope la serie

Exciting news! ‘Hope! We still have time’

Exciting news!

Jaime Bartolomé y Álvaro Ron - Hope la serie
Jaime Bartolomé and Álvaro Ron will be the directors of the series.

Next Filming to Start  

Hopers! We hope you are well. We have exciting news to share with you all. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support and trust. We are delighted to announce that we have secured almost all the funding needed to make the documentary seriesHope! We still have time’ a reality. We are very happy to count on RTVE, which has given us strong support for the project.

Next step: Filming plan and completion  

With funding almost complete, we are ready to start filming our project, which will begin in early 2024 with the interview with Bertrand Piccard in Switzerland, and a shoot in California. This is an exciting time for the ‘Hope! We are on time’ team, finally reaching speed.

The series will be directed by Álvaro Ron and Jaime Bartolomé, in coordination with its creator, Javier Peña (HOPE), and will be shot in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. We will show successful solutions from the different continents, and we will interview leading personalities in the fight against climate change from these continents.

We are already working with Project Drawdown on the broadcast simulator, which will be one of the spectacular elements of the series. Editing and post-production will be completed in the last quarter of 2024. Mark your calendars, because we can’t wait to launch. We will be communicating continuously on HOPE‘s social networks, and it will be broadcast on RTVE and other channels from early 2025.


Production commitment:

At the heart of this docuseries lies a deep concern about climate change and the urgent need for action. With the support of the consultancy Creast, we are working to implement significant footprint reduction measures. We strive to implement responsible filming practices, reducing our carbon footprint and minimising our environmental impact. We wish to inspire with ‘Hope! We still have’ concrete actions for a greener future.

Special Thanks  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, patience and enthusiasm. Without you, this journey would not be possible. We will send you more updates in the coming months, and we will inform you about the rewards, which will be launched in the last months of 2024,

With gratitude and compromise!

Mariano Baratech 

El Gatoverde Producciones 

Mariano Baratech - El Gatoverde Producciones
Mariano Baratech drector de El Gatoverde Producciones