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HopeLaSerie Javier Peña 100 latinos influyentes

Javier Peña, one of the 100 Most Committed Latinos to Climate Action

During the Crowdfunding campaign, the NGO Sachamama compiled the 2021 list ofThe 100 Most Influential and Committed Latinos for Climate Action“. Among the personalities, actors, actresses, politicians, influencers, activists and journalists, is the founder of Hope! En pie por el planeta, Javier Peña. The populariser, together with El Gatoverde Producciones, is working on the series HOPE! We still have time, which is currently in development and looking for funding. Sachamama, with the support of several environmental organisations, seeks tostrengthen the leadership of the Latino community in the climate movementthrough these annual listings HopeLaSerie Javier Peña 100 latinos influyentes List at ONG Sachamama The news was picked up by, among other media, Eldiario.es, through the EFE news agency, at the end of 2021, which highlighted the Spanish personalities on the list, including Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, the vice-president and minister Teresa Ribera, Macaco, Joaquín Araujo, Alejandro Sanz, Emilia Saiz, Enric Sala, Enrique Riquelme, Francisco Benedito, José Manual Entrecanales, Marina Colorado, Alejandro Agag and Javier Peña.    
HopeLaSerie Javier Peña 100 latinos influyentes
News from ElDiario.es
Sachamama’s director, Carlos Zegarra, believes that this initiative “will serve as a platform to exert global pressure on decarbonisation commitments, nature protection agreements and achieving the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda”. The list takes into account the assessment of “notable and committed personalities” who do fundamental work to raise awareness for climate action.  Zegarra adds that “together they carry forward a diverse and united message to take climate action, across all sectors of society”.   The list of the 100 Latinos also features names such as Pope Francis, Costa Rican Minister of Environment and Energy Andrea Meza, Eva Longoria, Maná singer Fher Olvera, environmentalists Helena Gualinga, Nemonte Nenquimo and Máxima Acuña of Cambio16, Jorge Neri and the head of the UN Climate Change Convention, Patricia Espinosa, among many others and can be consulted on their website.