Hope! we are in time
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May 2022: News from ‘Hope! We still have time’.

Hopers, here we are again, because we want to be transparent and we will do our best to keep you up to date with the important steps that are being taken with Hope! We still have time and that you have helped to get started. This commitment is with all of you and, of course, with the concern for our planet. That is why we want to produce this docuseries with the aim of spreading the word about solutions to tackle climate change 

First of all, Raquel Pedreira has joined the executive production team of Hope the series, together with Mariano Baratech and Cristina Escobar. Raquel has a very complete professional background with more than 20 years in the audiovisual industry. Joining ‘Hope! We still have time’ is a new and exciting challenge and almost an obligation: she doesn’t understandwhy we don’t all stop everything and get to work on reversing climate change“.   

On the other hand, we are very happy because we are making progress in the creation process. We already have the script for the first episode and the script for the second and third episodes is almost complete. We also have the scales for two more episodes. The development team, headed by Javier Peña, has been working with the entire team of scriptwriters, formed by Jaime Bartolomé, Romi Ballester and Franco Delle Donne. Progress is slowly we are giving shape and content to the series, but we are still working hard to add partners committed to the philosophy of the project. The El Gatoverde Producciones team continues to work hand in hand with the Hope! team to finance this ambitious project. We are knocking and opening all possible doors and windows of the industry to reach a solid funding with the commitment to make a quality series without giving up its financial sustainability, but having respect for the planet in its production. Here the work of ‘Hope Climate Action Foundation‘, chaired by the scientist Fernando Valladares, is fundamental. Find out the latest news 

Entrevista a Javier Peña (Hope!) en “Para todos La 2”